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To launch a new exhibition display in the old "Mark One" department store window on the Moor in Sheffield's City Centre, Moor Sheffield have invited Andy Cropper to exhibit his new body of paintings entitled "The Moor " Present Memories".

The showcase will run from Friday 13th November to 31st December

"The Moor : Present Memories

"The Moor - Present Memories" is a series of paintings that I have created in response to visual impressions of the Moor before it's current redevelopment. It is a place I have known and passed through for 15 years.

It's a place that isn't for looking at, it is an intermediary place, a passageway to get to other places. I have walked through it to get to college, to go to work, to pay my taxes, I have gone there shopping, to meet people or just to dawdle. Rarely have I focused on the people around me as I am often in an internal headspace of going somewhere else.

You can walk through the Moor surrounded by people without focussing on a single one of them or the place itself. Yet when I think of the Moor or people talk about it, it is with a well-known and familiar feeling and it is one of the major thoroughfares of the city for people to walk through.

Why paintings rather than photographs?

Consider why is it that when you look at a large painted portrait you have that uneasy feeling of being watched? How often have you heard someone remark about the eyes of a painted portrait following them around the room? I have never heard anyone say that about a photograph, small, large or life size.

A painting is not a mechanically flat surface. A painted surface has actual depth, texture, physicality and degrees of glossiness. It has variety and complexity.

Also I am a painter not a photographer bit obvious I know, but some of the photos I take if blown up would be seriously uninteresting but by the action of painting, having made a picture up out of many marks, it gains a vibrancy, a texture, which is substantially different to a photograph even if the initial impression of my work is photographic

Why these images?

I am interested in serendipity –“happy accidents” and the feeling that comes about from noticing serendipity. Whether it’s a water droplet dribbling down the side of a glass, a speck of dust in a shaft of sunlight or a magnificent sunset over the brow of a hill, I am emotionally invested with the serendipity of that moment.

It is not a case of something being beautiful or filled with huge meaning, sometimes I will respond to something without truthfully knowing why, but for some reason at that moment that thing has an ‘importance’ for me. As a painter I am unable to capture those images immediately and even photography can miss those fleeting moments or lose the emotional connection as it records the event.

Then on looking back over the images that I have taken about 80-90% of them won’t “work”, but for the rest there will again be that serendipitous feeling which makes me want to use those images as references for my painting.

Hopefully, with my painting ability I am able to blow these images up and communicate the wonder that I feel.

It is with this ‘eye’ that I have been looking at The Moor.

See Andy’s work online at where the original paintings and prints are available to buy now. You can also see Andy in person at the Sheffield Winter Gardens every Thursday and Friday.

For further information contact;
Andy Cropper
tel; 0114 255 2037